Treatments to Combat Cancer Essay

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• Treatment of cancer varies person to person depending on the variety in individual factors because every cancer has specific pathological and molecular characteristics such as location, health and extent of disease.
• The main part is to destroy the cancerous cells by least harming the normal tissue. Tumors can be present in the parts of the body where drug cannot easily penetrate or could be protected by the local environments due to increase tissue hydrostatic pressure or altered tumor vasculature.
• There are several treatments to combat cancers which can work well alone or in combination with sequentially or simultaneously. Of those treatments the most
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• Today we can talk about drug resistance in two classes, target specific and target nonspecific.
• In old times termed as acquired drug resistance and intrinsic drug resistance respectively.
• Drug resistance in cancer is a term used, which means that a patient having cancer has been resistant to the chemotherapies.
• Drug resistance means the decrease in the efficacy of a drug. Drug resistance may develop at once or the drug becomes ineffective overtime.
• When cancer becomes resistant to a lot of structurally different and unrelated chemotherapies then it is called multidrug resistant cancer.
• It is also known as Antineoplastic resistance and in this the cancerous cells become resistant to drugs by a lot of mechanisms.
Intrinsic drug resistance:
• This type of resistance means that an organism or cell have a characteristic property which make all the normal members of the specie tolerable towards particular drug or any specific chemical change in its environment.
• In that case the feature or property responsible for the resistance is inherent and integral property of the specie which has arisen over the course of evolution.
• All the cells whether normal or cancerous exhibit a degree of intrinsic resistance to the compounds they normally encounter.
• In mammalian cells the rate of division of the cells is also an important in the case of intrinsic cancer drug resistance.
• It is the fact
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