Tree Kangaroo Research Paper

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Many animals are endangered and why is because too many are dying. They are either dying to many times at once or little are hunted at once but hunted often or they have died from the people killing their environment. One animal that is endangered is the tree kangaroo, this species has somewhat died from hunters and the environment. Many of these creatures die everyday even though they are such fantastic animals. It is sad seeing everyday these animals dying and one of them is the amazing Tree Kangaroo.

The Tree Kangaroo but the scientific name of it, is Dendrolagus. This is located at rain forests of Australia, West Papua, and Papua New Guinea. Fewer than 250 Tree Kangaroos are left in the world. These animals are herbivores they eat leaves and fruit for their diet. Owls, eagles and pythons are all predators of the Tree Kangaroo. This animal's offspring is 44 days long. When they are born they are called Joeys. They stay in their mother's pouch so they can nurse in their until they are old enough to come out.

There are 14 types of Tree Kangaroos in the world. They weigh up to 32 pounds and measure about 30 inches without their tail. They have a 16-to-34-inch tail themselves. The tree kangaroo has reddish-brown coat with light-colored bands on the back. Tree kangaroos lick the fur
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Many of them have died across the years at least 80% of their population has died. They have died from the many hunters that want them, also the environment has been destroyed for them. We could stop this by stop making more things because the more they make the more we take from them. Tree kangaroo conservation program in Papua New Guinea has been trying to save this species from extinction. This program is in the place where it all started so they know what people are doing to them. Many people have been helping these creatures so they don’t extinct but people are still destroying their habitat so they need more
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