Essay on Trends and Challenges in Human Resources

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Trends and Challenges in Human Resources

Human resources (HR) departments face many existing and future challenges when working with employees such as diversity issues, turnover, health and safety, and benefits. These challenges will change as employees become more skillful and want more out of the company they work for to make them satisfied in the areas of pay and benefits. In this paper, reviewed will be the impact on HR regarding existing and future trends, existing and future challenges, advantages of turnover, performance appraisals, and safety and health in the workplace.
Existing trends in HR
Some of the major trends affecting human resource management today are the modern labor force, organizational strategy, growth,
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Meeting the demands of today's changing business environment requires building and retaining a loyal and motivated staff. However, finding and keeping quality employees also pose a challenge to human resource management. Today's workers are no longer inclined to stay at one company for the duration of his or her careers. The most talented professionals often are courted by other businesses and the effects of turnovers can be costly. The time and money it takes to recruit, rehire and retain can quickly cut into the company’s bottom line. Employee turnover is inevitable but when excessive can put a company into the red. Many new employees do not become fully productive until they’ve been trained and gain experience, a process that usually takes several months. The time, effort, and money invested in those employees, walk out the door when they leave.
Human resource management also faces the challenge of putting competent employees into jobs in which the employee is destined to fail. Mismatched employment is the single most important factor in company success. Mismatching employees to the wrong jobs places managers and employees at opposite ends of a motivational tug of war. These mismatches cause risks within the company. One of the main problems with mismatched employment is the mismatch in behavioral style. Behavioral styles predict no more and no less than
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