Triangle Trade: Africa, Poverty And Famine

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Triangular Trade Today when people consider of Africa,poverty and famine will possibly emerge with that ,the fall behind of Africa can date back to fifteenth century when the new world has been discovered.An international trade instructed by European countries including procedure of trading African people. Finally,too much export of citizens made the development of the country or even the sovereignty hard to maintain till now.This international trade was known as”Triangle Trade”,which literally known as the trade between three parts.This trade made people from three different continent encountered with each other and exchange resources that meets their respective needs which is a monumental milestone on international trade in history. The encounter of Triangle Trade was basically caused by the colonical economic development in America.During The Age Of Exploration, European countries like Spain and Portugal explored the world by sea,finally in1492,famous Italian explorer Christopher COLUMBUS discovered Americas.Then Europeans started to colonize the new world since this island was of untapped opportunity and fresh ideas.The expanse colonies in Americas with lacking labors made European
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