Trivalent Arsenic And Pentavalent Inorganic

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The primary sources for arsenic in the general population include contaminated water, food, and soil. The two forms of inorganic arsenic include: trivalent arsenic (As III) and pentavalent arsenic (As V). The most common inorganic form of arsenic in the environment is pentavalent arsenic. When comparing toxicity, trivalent arsenic is approximately 2-10 times more toxic pentavalent arsenic. Arsenic poisoning produces effects on multiple body systems with the inorganic forms being highly toxic. Both trivalent arsenic and pentavalent arsenic have different mechanisms of action, which determines the effects they have on cells. Trivalent arsenic works by binding to sulfhydryl groups of dihydrolipoamide which blocks the regeneration of lipoamide,

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