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Executive Summary As we enter the 21st century, the world is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The opportunity is what many entrepreneurs chase after. Just the idea of starting a business excited them. Entrepreneurs are people who have characteristics of a high need for achievement, a willingness to take moderate risk, strong self-confidence, and a passion for the business. We all question what is the best age for getting started. There is really no simple answer to that question. Most businesses require some background knowledge. A certain amount of time is usually required to gain the education, experience, and financial resources of starting a business. According to the textbook “Small Business Management” by Longenecker,…show more content…
He was named Samuel after a friend of his parents, and also named Truett after, George W. Truett, a pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. His father, Joseph Benjamin, was an insurance salesman for Life and Casualty Company. Joseph collected on life and accidental death policies that yielded sometimes only nickels and dimes. Even though Cathy’s father was a hard worker, he could not make an adequate living for his large family. Often, he would bring home chicken, hams, and other goods from policyholders who were too poor to pay their premiums in cash. Joseph verbally abused his wife. He relied heavily on the older children to take care of him. Truett’s mother, Lilla Kimbell Cathy, ran a boarding house to help support the family. She worked like a slave, keeping house and cooking for her seven children and a houseful of boarders (Cathy, p.36-37).      Truett Cathy had four sisters and two brothers named Esther, Agnes, Myrtle, Horace, Glayds, and Ben. He was the sixth child in the family. Selling Coke as a Child      Cathy developed his flair for business early in life. As a boy he exhibited no unusual talents except a sharp business sense. Growing up in a boarding house introduced Truett Cathy to hard work and taught him the value of diligent labor. He learned to shuck corns, shell peas, wash dirty dishes, set the tables, shop for his mother at the grocery store, and flip eggs
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