Try Out Monologue

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Well nothing that important happened today, but tomorrow there's going to be a lot of commotion. Tomorrow I have try-outs, my sisters are turning a year older, and then I have to participate in the making of my little sisters humongous cupcake. Miyah is turning 1 year old so excited, and Kala is turning 13 years old. Then I have basketball try-outs, sadly there's going to be 2 different teams. I think there should only be one, but there are a lot of kids trying out. Only the best should make it honestly. The good thing about it is, I know I'm going to make it so it will be like an early practice. Then the day after Wednesday is volleyball try-outs and I know I'm going to make one of the teams, because Ms.Mueller is forcing me to try-out. Well

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