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It wasn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, it was never easy for us. I’m sure you’d have agreed. Surely it was tough for you to let us go, but I want you to know that I’m thankful you did.

I’m not here to thank you for all the things you’ve done for me, for us. This is me thanking you for giving up.

Thank you for letting my go, for finally ending the pain you knew I had always felt when it came to loving you. I hope you were aware of how difficult it was for me to give you the type of love you so heavily demanded. I was only destroying myself, tearing my soul apart, piece by piece, just to put a smile on your face. Thank you for finally realizing that you have to work on yourself first. I am not and never was capable of doing that for you—no one else is. It was about time you'd decided to end the nights spent crying and the days spent fighting.
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It wasn’t the type that fit just like a puzzle. You’ve finally understood the concept of true balance, the one thing that wasn’t found in our love.

Hope is now showering my heart knowing that, now that you’ve let me go, I will still be able to find the one fate has set for me to give my heart to. I know he’ll be the one to complete me the way we couldn’t complete each other, nor help each other grow.

Thank you for giving me the chance to keep looking for the love I should have. I really hope you take advantage of your decision as well, to look for the kind of love and care that’s better for you. Thank you for not being selfish and possessive, for not keeping my heart in captivity. Thank you for setting me free knowing it’s not only for my good but for the both of us.

So this is me letting you go, too. I hope you’re more thankful than with a heavy heart. I know we’ll find the kind of love that won’t plague our hearts with pain anymore. Thank you for being strong for the both of us, in this situation.

I wish you nothing but the very best.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for
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