Tulsa Race Riots

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I. Introduction pg. 3
II. Riot Beginnings pg. 3 -4
III. Statistics pg. 4-5
IV. Lives Changed pg. 5-6
V. Reparations pg 6-7
VI. References pg. 8

The Tulsa race riot of 1921 was a dark time in the history of Oklahoma. It all began with a simple misunderstanding, but had catastrophic consequences. Homes and businesses were destroyed, many African Americans and whites were killed, and Tulsa had lost its soul. In the beginning Oklahoma was just a young state, and Tulsa was just a young town, trying to find its place in the world. The discovery of Oil quickly turned Tulsa into one of
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Louis and many communities in between white mobs pursued what can only be described as a reign of terror against African Americans during the period from 1917 to 1923." As Mr. Patrick stated this was probably one of the worst if not the worst domestic act violence. Even today people do not have the knowledge or refuse to believe what happened that day in 1921. The official death toll was 35(Patrick, 1999) but it is believed that many more hundreds were killed, because many bodies were dumped into the river of coal mines or burned (Patrick, 1999). Here are other numbers that Mr. Patrick writes in his article, 1500 African American homes destroyed, 600 businesses destroyed, 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 stores, 2 movie theaters, a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, and schools. It takes people with an exponential amount of hate in their hearts would be able to do destroy institutions that exist only for the benefit of mankind. The Statistics prove that Greenwood Avenue was once vibrant and full of life. Greenwood Avenue not only just provided great economic means for African Americans, but it was a place where their hopes and dreams came alive. It was where they were free to prosper after a long history of slavery and discrimination. Lives Changed
Many people had their lives destroyed, fortunes lost, and names tarnished. One of these men was J.B. Stradford, who had been a prominent lawyer and
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