Tumor That Changed My Life Story

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The Tumor that Changed My Family’s Life “Mommy, I need help!” I exclaimed as I was trying to put on my favorite pink and red Strawberry Shortcake dress. It was one hot afternoon, in late July in the year of 2003, my family was getting ready to celebrate my cousin’s first birthday party. “I’m so excited, I can have cake and candies,” I thought to myself as I ran down the hall to go get my shoes that matched my dress. As I attempted to put on my shoes for the very first time, my sister was sitting next to me on the couch in the living room getting frustrated seeing me struggle. “Becca, here let me help you,” she insisted. “I can do it all by myself,” I responded in my little four-year-old voice. She ended up putting them on for me. “Come on Denise and Becca, we’re going to be late,” my dad said while getting my brother out of the baby blue walker. We ran to car excited with the thought of cake in our minds. I went in after my sister, sitting in my booster seat waiting for my dad to buckle me in while my mom puts my brother in his car seat. As we got to Peter Piper Pizza, I knew I was going to have a blast with all the games, food, and most importantly the cake. There were balloons and decorations everywhere, my mom grabbed my hand to lead me to where the birthday party was. After eating pizza, playing games with my sister, and singing “Happy Birthday” to my cousin, my parents decided it was getting late. As we got home, my mom bathed us and changed us into our pajamas. Then

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