Mini Golf Research Paper

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We began our trip during the summer July 2 through the 4th. We took off in the morning it was a nice morning sun was out. I could already tell it was going to be a good day. We stopped at a Mcdonald's in some town along the way to get breakfast. When we finished eating we took off again. I ended up falling asleep along the way I sleep till we were in Wisconsin Dells then they finally woke me up. When we got to the parking lot it was full.
We ended up finding a place to park then we went to the main building where you check in. It took about an hour because of how many people their where their. But me and my family went over and looked at a baby tiger that they had in a place where you can look at him. But you can’t pet him cause they
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I was sad but I ended up having fun. I got to play lazer tag I came in first almost every time. I beat my dad almost all the time at laser tag. The place we played it at was glow in the dark rocks rockets everywhere.I also did thing where you got a harness and you go up in the air and go through an obstacle course. After laser tag my dad and me played mini golf I beat him cause I am really good at mini golf. We also went bowling I got second my Mom got first then my Dad then my sister. After bowling my sister wanted me to do the rock climbing wall with her. I didn’t get to the top cause my hands kept slipping. After that we went back to our hotel room and slept and got ready for the next…show more content…
I liked the lazy river outside better cause the water was a lot deeper. Than just 1ft and because I could push my mom in her tube. Into water that was like a waterfall.
We ended up going back inside and playing water basketball. With my whole family. Cause it was really fun me and my dad won the game of water basketball. After that we went back to the room which is like a 5 minute walk. Then we got are cloth on and went to pizza ranch to eat. I ate so much food because I was so hungry. Then we went back and we went to bed. In the late afternoon we went to a movie the new transformer movie “Transformers age of Extinction”. After the movie we went outside and watched fireworks from four different directions. Then we were on are way
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