Turning Point Essay On Hockey

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Turning point essay
I have always looked up to my brother as a role model. He has never forced me to do something that I did not want to do. Even as a kid, he has always been there to guide me and help me through the difficult times that I have undergone, except for when he was playing hockey.
At least once a day he would go down to our basement for about an hour. I always tried to follow him, but he would never allow me. I would ask him what he does, but he would say, “I enter my own world when I am down there.” I never understood what he meant by that until the day he allowed me to follow him. He led me into the back of the basement where these small black circular objects were scattered all over the floor. I noticed a few holes in the wall as well. He had numerous pieces of equipment all over and these boots with sharp blades on them. He explained what each piece was and its purpose. I asked him why he has all that. He said, “Because I need it when I play.” I replied, “Play what?” He answered, “Hockey.” That was when I was first introduced to hockey.
I asked him what it is like and what is so good about the sport. He told me to try it out and then ask myself …show more content…

I have gained the discipline and self-control. It has helped me stay fit and helped me overcome many challenges. If I was not introduced to hockey, I think I would have been an average kid who plays video games all day. I would not have the that I have today. Hockey has helped me develop a great work ethic and has made me develop a habit to push myself even harder when my body feels like giving up. It has taught me that when you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Without hockey, life would be boring and have no meaning really. It would be straight simple: get your education, get a job, start a family, and die. Hockey is one of the main factors of my life and without it, I would be a completely different

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