Turning Point In Short Story

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I choose the relationship between M.Bouc and M.Poirot as it is one that is very meaningful in the story and involves two significant persons in the novel. I would like to point out that as the plot develops, so does the relationship between the two men, although I personally feel that there isn’t really any major turning point in it. Firstly, I would like to highlight the fact that M.Poirot and M.Bouc are two people who are very different in their approach to a problem. M.Bouc is a man that mainly works on stereotypes to solve problems while M.Poirot is a man that uses more of critical thinking in the solving of an issue. This is evidenced by the fact that M.Bouc jumps into a conclusion that the Italian man is the murderer because of his presumption …show more content…

Initially, M.Poirot seemed unwilling to take up the case out of fear of being unsuccessful and he didn’t want any pressure but M.Bouc convinced him to do so and this was a turning point. This showed just how much belief M.Bouc had in his friend and this is evidenced by the fact that M.Poirot emotionally says, “Your faith touches me, my friend”. I think this is the point when M.Poirot was convinced to take up the case. The fact that the word emotionally is used shows how much emotion M.Poirot had after hearing his friend and this definitely is a turning point in their …show more content…

The balance of these two characters makes the book much more interesting and more fun to read, since M.Bouc is the perfect opposite of the characteristics of M.Poirot. For example, M.Bouc does not jot down things as diligently as M.Poirot and M.Poirot does not rely on stereotypes unlike M.Bouc Both, however, make a good working pair. The relationship between the two of them is of utmost importance to the solving of the case as they are the ones who are involved in the solving of the case. For example, without M.Bouc’s intervention using his influence, the case may not have been solved as M.Poirot would not have gotten on the train itself. Moreover, their relationship adds a different dimension to the story and this shows the writer’s skilfulness in making the story interesting and fun to read. All in all, the relationship between M.Poirot and M.Bouc is one that is close and essential in the development of the plot. Without this relationship, the novel definitely would not have been as intriguing and thrilling to

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