Twelfth Grade I Started Doing The School Musical

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In eighth grade I started doing the school musical. My first musical was “High School Musical,” where I played a skater. In practices the cast bonded as close as a family. We spent 3 months, day and night constantly working on our production. The moment I stepped into the bright lights, I found a love for theatre. Ninth grade came and of course I was there, playing a townsperson in, “The Wiz.” That year I grew really close to my directors and more of my classmates, as we “Eased on down the road,” to opening night. Once again the blinding lights, the cheerful audience, the music playing through the auditorium, and standing ovation at the end was something I will never forget. Although that cast had its fights, but so do families. The end of that year, I thought my whole world was tumbling down. My current musical directors were giving up the position. The school did not have a director at the time, and all I could think was, “What do I do now?” The school musical was the only thing I looked forward to during high school. Then during class one day, “All students interested in doing the musical this year, there will be a meeting in the auditorium at three o’clock,” came over the system. That year we had a very unexperienced set of directors. That year was a train wreck. The constant bickering, because of the artistic differences. That musical was, “Footloose,” and there was a late addition to the directing cast that saved the musical and explained to the cast that

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