Twilight Samurai Essay

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The movie “Twilight Samurai” is about a low ranking and poor samurai. He is devoted to his samurai duties. This movie contradicts with the traditional concept of samurais; a majority of people tend to have a concept of a samurai as a strong, merciless and abide by codex of samurai etc., but in this movie, you can see a samurai with absolutely different character. The movie begins with a demise of his wife which will affect a lot to his life. He has now ailing mother and two daughters to care about, but he needs a wife who could help him and to be a life companion. Unfortunately, he rejects all attempts him to coax to marry.

The movie goes beyond a traditional image of samurais. What makes a different The “twilight samurai” from other samurais? …show more content…

After a loss of his wife, he becomes more closed and dives into his duties. Even before He did not go with other samurais to drink or just have a conversation that is why got a nickname “twilight samurai” (Tasogare Seibei). He works as an accountant in the storage of food. Despite his low rank, he is a skillful fighter and handles with katana better than many samurais who have higher rank, because he was one of the students of a prestigious school. His childhood friend Tomoe, after an unsuccessful marriage, decides run away from her toper husband and comes to pay a visit him. Seibei taking her home will be a witness of unfair treatment towards her and people around of her. Tomoe`s husband invites “twilight samurai” to have duel fight and he accepts. Since it is prohibited to fight or kill the samurai in the same clan he fights with a wood sword, even in this unequal position, at one stroke, Tomoe`s husband faints. He, after victory, wants to propose for marriage to Tomoe, but does not see himself as deserving samurai, since he has low rank and salary which was enough to feed only 50 people (50 Kok). A story …show more content…

He is low ranking, living in a bad condition with a low salary. Since his wife passed, he is now completely busy and does not have free time even to take care of himself. His uncle tries to convince him to marry in which he just rejects directly, justifying his decision with that he is afraid that a woman who he will marry may not understand his daughters. On top of that, he is able to get high rank because he is skilled and studied in the prestigious schools of those times, but he prefers grounded life. Even, if he was allowed, he would quit and be an ordinary peasant. Even though, at the beginning, he looks like one of the worst examples of samurai, nevertheless, gradually he shows the best features of a samurai which do not have others. Watching the movie, you will see how the main character becomes from the “worst” samurai to the best samurai that have the best feature of a real samurai which can be an example to all samurais.

“Twilight Samurai” – The end of samurais
I believe “twilight samurai” was not chosen randomly and has a meaning both as a name of the movie and as a nickname of the low-ranking samurai. As the story goes in the period of crisis in Japan and intervention of the West, “twilight samurai” represents the end of the Edo period, when Shogunate was not able to maintain samurais. The main character shows that it was no more rational to be a samurai. Since, they

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