Two Blockbuster Movies You Must See and One You Must Avoid Before 2014 Summer’s End

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Summer can sometimes feel like torture, especially if you find yourself with nothing to do. It is during these times that watching an entertaining movie can bring your dull and boring day to one that is filled with excitement and exuberance. To enlighten your day, two movies you should watch over the summer are The Great Gatsby and Frozen. If you like movies that are action packed, filled with drama, and involve classy parties, then The Great Gatsby is a perfect movie for you. Leonardo Dicaprio is the star of the film, and with him, the movie can be a huge hit or a huge miss; thankfully, this one was a huge hit. If you are a book lover, this movie would be considered rotten tomatoes for you because the underlying theme and character based on the book, The Great Gatsby, is not clearly addressed in the movie, though the plot of the movie is fairly on board with the plot of the book. This is the only minor flaw with this film, but as I always say why read books when you can watch films. Once you get past the movie’s openings, filled with visual awe, you can really settle down into the film’s dark second half, which is filled with symbolism. Leonardo Dicaprio is the film’s greatest special effect because his mysterious looks, and body language bring a sense of enthusiasm and appeal upon the film. His mischievous eyes describe how he is not the man he wishes to be, and the man the others expect him to be. The Great Gatsby is currently not playing in theaters, but was

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