Two Major Political Views

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Two major political views that society tends to lean toward being are conservative and liberal. Politically speaking, conservatives are defined as people who tend to abide traditional values, while liberals are seen as people who look for change and promote equal rights for all. Personally, I fall on the left side of the political spectrum as a liberal. I tend to lean toward being a liberal as opposed to a conservative for multiple reasons, many having to do with a liberal’s view on social issues. When it comes to social issues, most liberals believe that there should be equality for all, no matter a person’s race, gender, or sexuality. They are for new marriage laws that allow a same sex couple to be legally married and wish to eliminate …show more content…

One view that I fall to the right of the political spectrum on is health care and welfare. For one, health care should not be free for everyone because if it is, the quality of the care one receives declines as more people utilize their free health care. Additionally, conservatives do not support long term welfare considering how easy it is for a person to abuse the system. There are some people who would live on welfare for as long as possible rather than find employment and long term welfare condones such behavior. Furthermore, conservatives are advocates for less gun control, which I agree with because limiting guns does not stop crime, it just makes criminals find other ways to harm people. On occasion there are some conservative beliefs that I find myself agreeing with despite mostly being a liberal. Conservatives and liberals often have opposing solutions to today’s issues, but both sides of the political spectrum are trying to make the United States a better place based on their different beliefs. In some cases, changing how America is run and how it views certain topics is a good choice, while other times maintaining tradition is the best solution. I believe that in today’s society I am defined as a liberal, but in the years to come that may

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