Two Step Gravitational Search Algorithm Essay

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applied to find out the optimal generation of each unit when the generation cost curves are non-smooth and discontinuous in nature. Most of the PSO algorithms suffer from the problem of premature convergence in the early stages of the search and hence are unable to locate the global optimum. The idea here is to exercise proper control over the global and local exploration of the swarm during the optimization process. The PSO_TVAC based approach for practical non-convex ELD problem is tested on four test systems having different sizes and non-linearities. Out the four, two test systems are with valve point loading effects, one system has POZ and one system has a large dimension with 38 generating units. The PSO_TVAC is found to …show more content…

The Lambda iteration method is implemented in three and six generating units. The results are compared for two different cases with and without losses. In first case generator constraints are considered along with the lossless system and in second case generator constraints are considered with the losses. All the programming has been done in MATLAB environment. In this study, three and six unit thermal power plant is considered which is solved for two different cases with and without losses. Vo Ngoc Dieu [16], proposed an augmented Lagrange Hopfield network (ALHN) for real power dispatch on large-scale power systems. The proposed ALHN is a continuous Hopfield network with its energy function based on augmented Lagrange function. For this combination, the ALHN method can easily deal with large-scale problems with nonlinear constraints. The proposed ALHN has been tested on systems from 40 units to 240 units, IEEE 118-bus and IEEE 300-bus systems, and the obtained results have been compared to those from other methods. The test results have shown that the ALHN method can obtain better solutions than the com¬pared methods in a very fast manner. Therefore, the proposed ALHN could be favorable for implementation on the real power dispatch problems for large-scale systems. The proposed ALHN has been tested on differ¬ent systems with large number of generating units and buses for two cases neglecting power loss and including power loss in transmission system. Serhat

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