Type 2 Diabetes Persuasive Speech

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Can you escape a disease that runs in your family? Larraine Sathicq finds out. About half of the Australian population will at some time in life be affected by a condition with a genetic basis. But even if you have a potentially deadly illness on many branches of your family tree, it doesn't mean you're staring at a definite diagnosis and it shouldn't stop you being proactive about prevention, says associate professor Kristine Barlow-Stewart, director of NSW Health's Centre for Genetic Education. "For the majority of conditions, what you've inherited is a susceptibility to a disease or condition," Dr Barlow-Stewart says. "To happen they need a triggering factor and, although we don't know what all these factors are, there are some like smoking and poor diet that we do…show more content…
If either of your parents have type 2 diabetes there's a one in five chance you'll also get it, but it is possible to prevent the onset by being physically active and eating a healthy diet. Reduce your risk Exercise regularly. Just 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week and losing as little as 5 percent of your body weight can slash your diabetes risk by more than half. To increase the benefits of exercise, try resistance training with a milk chaser. A recently published report showed that weight training helps prevent inflammation-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Done regularly, this type of training reduces your risk for diabetes by building muscle mass and regulating blood levels of the proteins that trigger inflammation. Researchers in Canada recently found that women who drank two large glasses of fat-free milk after a weight-lifting session lost more fat and gained more muscle than those who followed up their exercise with an energy drink. Breast
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