Types Of A Person Is A Swimmer Or Treader?

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There are two different types of people that take different routes to adulthood, there are treaders (who become adults to quickly) and swimmers (who take their time to becoming an adult). Treaders have fewer opportunities in life because they started life earlier. Swimmers have more opportunities because they take longer to become an adult and get a higher education. Swimmers plan out their path to adulthood by getting an education, waiting to marry until they are financially stable while treaders don’t have a plan.
Whether a person is a swimmer or treader depends on many factors. One being the type of parents they have. Parents have a huge influence on whether a person is a swimmer or treader. Their guidance, schooling, and jobs all influence what the child does after high school. According to ------------------, there are three different types of parents which are ones believe that their child must live life on their own in order to learn, neglectful parents, and parents that are involved a lot. The amount of schooling that the parents have had influences the child’s route that they take also. If the parents did not go to college the child may benefit because has a lot of opportunities to what they can study in college or ------ because they may be limited to the amount of guidance they receive. The child may still go to college if they have no go to college but since they have no guidance from their parents they may not make the best choices. The types of jobs that the

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