Types Of Cyber Crimes Performed Through E Mail

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The topic of discussion that was proposed by Rachid Hadjidj, Mourad Debbabi*, Hakim Lounis, Farkhund Iqbal, Adam Szporer, Djamel Benredjem was a new technique in uncovering e-mail forensic data for use in a court of law. Different types of cyber crimes performed through e-mail include “spamming, phising, drug trafficking, cyber bullying, racial vilification, child pornography, sexual harassment, etc.” Suspected e-mail accounts are examined by forensic analysis and data is captured in order to prove crimes in court. The amount of e-mail cyber crimes that manifest is proof that there is a need for a software tool that can be an all encompassing e-mail analyzer in order to capture the needed forensic data. The writers propose a new technique developed by integrating existing state-of-the-art statistical and machine-learning techniques with social networking techniques in order to develop this all encompassing e-mail analysis software tool. Their tool consists of the following major functions: computing statistics from classification and clustering analysis results, keyword searching for the database of results, data mining models to classify e-mails, detecting anomalous behaviors of e-mails, e-mail authorship identification, and mapping of IP addresses for geographical localization. Summary

More and more victims fall subject to anonymity to identity theft and impersonation in e-mail cyber crimes every day. There are two limitations of e-mail sending that…

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