Types Of Depression And Persistent Depression

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When a person hears the word depression they immediately think of being sad or down, this feeling could be caused by an event or just having a bad day. Eventually that feeling may pass. Typically this is why people don’t really take depression as serious as they should. Depression is a very serious disorder amongst a variety of ages. A lot of times the feeling one thought was going to pass doesn’t. Recognizing whether or not this is something serious can be difficult but once a person realize the symptoms they can get help. To start depression, categorized as the fourth leading cause of disability, is a disease of emotion that can be caused by stress factors and also a disease of distorted cognition. Almost everyone feels down at least sometime in their life but when the feeling interferes with daily life and causes pain this can very serious. There are different types of depression, major depression and persistent depression disorders are the main types of depression. But also there are some other forms they are psychotic depression, postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder. Each of these forms of depression affect you differently. With major depression, a main symptom is anhedonia. Anhedonia is the loss of interest in certain activities or everyday life. It 's as if the brain 's pleasure circuits shut down or short out. A theory suggests that pleasure is not experienced fully, but only briefly not long enough to sustain an interest or involvement in life

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