Types Of Logistics Innovation And The Customer At Much Faster And Efficient Way

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Logistics is a very important part of our every day lives, and it’s the reason why we have food on our table, and gas to fill our car to get to work. Almost everything we do on a daily basis involves logistics. In this research paper we will look at the different types of logistics innovation that companies are using to save money and get the products to the customer at much faster and efficient way. Amongst the innovation we will be looking is just in time logistics, and how companies are using this method to prevent stockpile. We will also look at containerization, and some of the advantage is has given to logistics operations. We will look at technology like RFID, and how this technology is improving the method of inventory taking, and tracking of goods, and last we will look at the Hub and spoke system, and how companies like Wal-Mart and the airline companies are using it to their advantage. Logistical operations has come a long ways since the 1800’s, in the past workers would just place items on ships bound for their destination without the knowledge and concept of maximizing space, and basic operation. Today a lot more specification goes into the planning and procedures of logistics operation. Before a company decides to ship materials or products they take into consideration a number of things. A company will look into the most efficient form of transportation for their products, and that might be by air, land or sea. After that decision is made, companies take
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