Types Of Personality : What Really Happened?

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Types of Personality When I went to school today I went to go over by my friends, and as they were talking I realized that they were all telling something different. One was telling a story about how she saran wrapped a car last night, which was a lie, she would never do that in her life. One was explaining how she thought this one girl’s outfit was ugly. She was not wrong. The last one was telling a story about how in class they were playing a review game for a test and she knew every answer. When I listen to all of these stories I can only think of what really happened. I do not say anything because I know that them telling these stories are just a part of their personality and there is nothing I could do about it. I could, I guess…show more content…
Kind of like when you hear someone say they are going to the gym to lose weight and for the first week the gym is packed and then people slowly start to not show up. A personality identifies a person in their own unique way and each person has their own personality. You will never find a person with the same personality as you, the same interests, the same opinions, the same likes, the same dislikes. You would not even find any twins that have the same personality, so why are we categorized into different personality types if it will never be accurate to anyone? As you think of what your own personality is you may start to wonder what other people think your personality is. Some may think your personality is quiet and reliable. They are the ones that do not know you that well. Then you have the people that think you are outgoing and fearless. They are usually your friends or people that are close to you. People use all sorts of examples when they define personality, from the way we think and act. Webster has a more definite meaning of the word personality: 1. The set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from other people. 2. Attractive qualities (such as energy, friendliness, and humor) that make a person interesting or pleasant to be with. A definite definition like this implies that there are many ways to
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