Types of Attacks in Comnputer Security

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This paper is presenting types of attacks in security of TCP/IP protocol and also defense to security problems. Flaws in such system are due to attackers’ access over machine and due to insecurity of machine. Paper proposed solutions to the problems and discuss problems without considering their implementation.
Attack like “TCP sequence number prediction” where spoofing is allowed on host on a local network. A variant in TCP sequence number attack exploits the netstat service where the intruder impersonates a host that is down. If netstat is on the target host it supplies the necessary sequence number information on another port. Defense to this is by randomizing the increment, good logging and alerting mechanisms.
“The joy of routing” This is the simple attack that basically depend on routing protocols that has been used. It is further categorized in different attacks that can be “Source Routing” In which target host reverses source route in a TCP for traffic that is returning. So facilities can be exchanged between host and attacker. The idea to protect from attacks is to put gateways into the local net for rejection of external packets that acting as part of the local net or to do rejection of pre-authorized connections. Another attack is “The Routing Information Protocol (RIP)” attack is mostly used on local networks like broadcast media. As information here sent is not checked so intruder can change or send modified information due to which protocols that depends on

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