Case Study: Riordan Manufacturing

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Explain the design approach and rationale:
To address these issues the management of Riordan Manufacturing we conducted a survey of these problems. Various users were interviewed and some recommendations were attained to improve on the entire network performance.
In the report from most users conducted from across all the branches users complained of frequent power loss and information lost. As a result, the company has decided to equip all the server rooms with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to enable users to save their files in various servers during power losses. Every workstation also must have a UPS to automatically pick up during power loss.
In addition, frequent denial of services attacks was also reported which indicated insecurity
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From research on our network the external threats come from the internet majorly. Internet is a universal network that enables sharing of resources internationally. However, resource sharing can be greatly prone to attacks because the internet encompasses a lot of users with different motives. In addition, such attacks come from eavesdropping during transit but WebTechMsn has been able to address this issues by using fiber optic cables which are resistant to tapping of information a long communication channel.
Internal attacks come from employees working in the organization or those who have left. Employees tend to be trusted and they end up misusing this trend. WebTechMsn has put in place policies such as passwords policy to ensure restriction to some sensitive information to some employees. Employees have been given a form to fill as an ought between him and the organization information to keep them safely at all times possible. This comes with huge penalties if found violating.
Identify the predominant electronic and physical threats to communications
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Security polices equally provides ways of handling network security in organization. They give employees guidelines on how to approach network security matters, handle tasks in an ethical way and maintain the standard network security of an organization.
In addition, these policies provide solutions to management on tackling issues that pertains to the security problems that arises from daily operation of the company. Such cases include what to do to an employee who is found compromising the security breaches of the company.
Describe how firewalls mitigate some network attack scenarios:
A firewall works by filtering all the information getting into a given network or leaving. It then blocks those that it considers harmful or unclear such as no source address from getting into the private network. (Beal, 2015)
Hardware firewalls are found in network processors such as routers and switches. These devices usually have firewalls ports usually a minimum of four which are programmed by network administrators according to the security restrictions of an organization. (Beal,
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