Typical Saturday Nights In Jackson, Mississippi

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Typical Saturday nights in Jackson, Mississippi begin with a text saying something along the lines of “______ is having a party” or even just a dropped pin with a time. The night of February 23, 2016 was not the ordinary Saturday night for a majority of Northeast Jackson high school students. Around four o'clock Saturday afternoon, Gracie receives a text via GroupMe that there is a party at eight o'clock at Grayson’s in Raymond. As always, Daniel assembles the carpool, and Mason volunteers to be the designated driver. Daniel and Mason went out to buy the alcohol for the group, and Margaret and Gracie request Barefoot Moscato, Michelob Ultra, and Smirnoff. Margaret and Gracie contribute the Sprite, cranberry juice, bottled water, and crackers.…show more content…
The car ride is basically a forty-five minute pre-game with Rae Sremmurd blaring, and the entire car attempting to sing between sips of their drinks. When the group arrives Grayson’s hunting camp, the party is already huge, and a majority of the people there are already wasted. The party takes place outside in a pavilion area, because the hunting cabin is very small with only a kitchen, bunk beds, and a bathroom. The temperature is around thirty degrees, but no one at the party is even remotely cold. Everyone is experiencing the feeling of the alcohol rushing through their veins, and it temporarily warms their bodies and makes them immune to the frigid air. Gracie and Margaret leave the guys, go mingle, and participate in their favorite party activity: dancing. The music is blasting, alcohol is being showered over everyone, people are smoking, dancing, and having the time of their lives. Gracie drains the entire bottle of Barefoot while she is walking, mingling, and dancing around the party. After she finishes her wine, Gracie finds Daniel to unlock Mason’s truck, and Daniel takes her to the truck and makes her a vodka and
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