Tyrone : A Cultural Heritage Of European Ancestry

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The subject, referred to as Tyrone, is a 31 year old male that currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Tyrone prefers to be with one or two close friends instead of a large group setting because Tyrone considers himself shy. Tyrone would rather get to know a few people well as he wouldn’t prefer to make vague acquaintances with many people. Tyrone says it makes his life easier to have a few close friends as too many friends can cause a problem with keeping them in order in his head. Tyrone believes that family involves anyone that he knows well enough to walk in to their house without knocking, or vice versa. Tyrone does not necessarily associate family with blood relation as he barely know some blood relatives outside of his immediate…show more content…
He recalled the time he was learning to do a front flip. He was at the pool as a young child and it was a somewhat cold day, so it was just him and the lifeguard. He remembers jumping off and he remembers waking up with a broken jaw and not experiencing pain. Tyrone claims it was one of the most harrowing experiences of his life and it made him realize that there really isn’t anything preventing him from dying at any time. Another memorable historical experience in the subject’s life was when his car was totaled by a bus. He was just out of high school and he remembers being stopped and knowing the bus was not going to stop. Fortunately he suffered no injuries, but once again Tyrone realized how close he was to death at any moment and this incident really made him change his perspective on life as a whole. Tyrone’s last historical experience happens to be one that doesn’t involve near death. He remembers when his parents got divorced. Tyrone was about twelve years old when this happened and it really changed the outcome of his life. Tyrone’s parents had him young and they were married before they were twenty years old. Tyrone’s parents fought all the time and made a mutual decision to split up, greatly affecting the rest of Tyrone’s life. Tyrone’s philosophy of life was that everything happens for a reason and what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. Tyrone tries to have an optimistic view on
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