U.s. Department Of Homeland Security Programs And Practices

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The question that has been asked; given the amount of money spent on homeland security programs and practices, how should the United States measure the effectiveness of this spending? This question has been answered time and time again by the different agencies that fall underneath the department of Homeland Security. Since the creation of this department, in the shadow of the 9-11 attacks by the Al Qaida terrorist group in the United States, The Department of Homeland Security has stopped numerous attacks from occurring, seized countless amounts of contraband (drugs, weapons, forged currency, illegal good and persons) from violating the sovereignty of the United States and therefore protecting the people of this nation and the national …show more content…

These are the people who regularly interact with the public, who are responsible for public safety and security, who own and operate our nation’s critical infrastructures and services, who perform research and develop technology, and who keep watch, prepare for, and respond to emerging threats and disasters” (Homeland Security). There are five core missions that DHS preforms;
1. Prevent terrorism (attacks, operations and recruiting) and enhancing security; protecting the American people and way of life from all terrorist attacks is the founding principle that DHS was founded upon and it is considered their highest priority. DHS has a counterterrorism program that is responsible for three objectives;
a. Prevent any terrorist attacks on the United States or its territories
b. Prevent any illegal or unauthorized implementation, acquisition, transportation of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials (CBRN) in or out of the United States
c. Decrease the vulnerability of all critical structure, key resources, vital leadership and all major events that could be targeted by terrorist group.
2. Secure and manage the U.S. border; DHS ensures U.S. solvency by controlling and monitoring all borders (land, air and sea) to prevent illegal activity that could interfere with the lawful travel and

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