U.s. Foreign Aid During The Middle East

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The U.S. Foreign Assistance to Egypt Summary Over the last sixty years, the U.S. government has invested nearly $300 billion in both military and economic aid in the Middle East and Central Asian countries currently in turmoil. Egypt is one of the top recipient countries, which has received $114 billion since the end of World War II. Due to such a large amount of financial aid, the U.S. is sometimes described as “buying peace in the middle east”. According to the U.S. government, the purpose of foreign assistance is to support global peace, security, economic development and provide humanitarian aid. And foreign assistance is a strategic economic, and moral imperative for the United States and vital to U.S. national security. However, regarding the huge amount of foreign assistance, the government’s deficit and the domestic economic challenges in recent years, it is also argued that U.S. government should reduce the foreign aid and focus more on its domestic economic development. This policy brief aims to clarify the problems about U.S. foreign assistance, such as the imbalance between military aid and economic aid, the dilemma of the large amount of foreign aid and the increasing deficit, the efficiency of foreign aid projects, and also come up with several recommendations that may provide possible approaches to alleviate such problems. Introduction: the U.S. Foreign Assistance Foreign assistance is aid provided by the United States to other countries in order to

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