U.s. Gangs And The Gangs

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Drug routes are associated and may have originated with U.S. gangs in an effort for drug cartels to amp up and focus on their production, leaving the logistics to the gangs. The drug cartels have chosen to align with U.S. gangs based on similar philosophies of honor, allegiance, and loyalty combined with similar business practices and levels of hierarchy. The largest U.S. gangs are structured similarly to giant corporations that succeed with levels of management teams with the ultimate goal of profit, U.S. gangs are no different as they often legitimize themselves as profitable business. Asian gangs are common in California and on the east coast but locating scholarly articles about their operations is a daunting task that required a personal interview with a former gang member. The diverse ethnic and cultural population movement into the U.S. has made it a melting pot for people searching for a better life. Many of these individuals find a life of peace, serenity, growth, and stable work while others swing the opposite direction leading a life of rebellion, crime, and drug use or trafficking. S.H. Decker et al. (2009) suggest this theory is accurate claiming that “immigration, ethnicity, and culture matter insofar as fear, mistrust, threat, and conflict are present in the areas where ethnic groups are arriving…and are breeding grounds for gang formation” (p. 395). America has a reputation for being the land of opportunities and while that may be true, it seems that

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