U.s. Government 's Department Of Defense

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Organizational Management Approach
The U.S. Government 's Department of Defense (DoD) is a very large organization with many leaders at various levels. From a macro-level or overarching perspective the DoD is very hierarchal and bureaucratic. Then, from a micro-level perspective, there are leaders within the DoD who practice more lateral or flat approaches to leadership. Furthermore, the DoD has both a military side where leadership is hierarchal as well as transactional, as well as a civilian side which is much more transformational. These varying leadership approaches within the DoD 's macro-level, micro-level, military, and civilian structure are all very appropriate and effective leadership approaches for this large …show more content…

These missions and goals rarely change. However, these higher level leaders, consisting of military general officers, each have their own methods and styles of leading in terms of how they will accomplish their defined mission and goals. These general officers direct both high ranking military officers and civilian directorates who carry out the missions and goals set forth by their high authorities. The macro-level structure more authoritative, where direction is provided without consulting lower levels input. Furthermore, there are specific rules and regulations and a clear division of labor within the Government bureaucracy (Schoology, 2017). The Government 's bureaucratic, hierarchal, and authoritarian approach is very similar to Max Weber 's classical organization theory as he viewed it from a macro perspective (Onday, 2016). Conversely, the Government is very different from a micro-level perspective.
Micro Level Contingency and Lateral Approaches The micro level, below the military and civilian directorates, the leadership is less authoritative, this is particularly true on the civilian side. The civilian side of Government follows more of neo-classical management theory, focused more on culture and performance (Schoology, 2017). However, the military side continues to maintain a relatively strong authoritative leadership approach down to the lowest level, due to the nature of how they carry out their defined mission and goals. For

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