U.s. Health Systems And Perspectives

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DE JERONIMO, VERONICA HEA 201 Health Systems and Perspectives Midterm Exam Directions Carefully read and respond to each question. Please complete your responses using complete sentences. Your responses will be evaluated on the basis of content accuracy, clarity, correct usage of the English language, and demonstrated evidence of critical analysis. Each question is valued at 5 points. Total Possible Points = 100 1. What are 6 basic characteristics that differentiate the U.S. health care delivery system from that of other countries? 1. No Central governing agency and little integration and coordination 2. Technology-driven delivery system focusing on acute care 3. High on cost, unequal in access, average in outcome 4. Delivery of health care under imperfect market condition 5. Legal risk influence practice behaviors 6. Government as subsidiary to the private sector 2. Most Western European countries have national health care programs that provide universal access. How does the National Health Insurance system, such as the one adopted by the country of Canada differ from the National Health system, such as the one structured in Great Britain? Canada’s system provides universal coverage (NHI) with free care at the point of contact and is publicly funded through taxes and is privately run. Private Doctors are paid fee-for-service and submit claims to health insurance plan for payment. The government is responsible for establishing the

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