U.s. History Honors Summer Reading

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U.S. History Honors Summer Reading 1. According to Ellis’s preface, explain what is so phenomenal about the founding of the United States? According to Ellis it is phenomenal that the United States decided to rule as a Republic. Never before in history has a new empire or country ruled as a Republic and succeeded except for the Roman Empire. Also the colonies had no strict adhesive keeping them together as a nation, but they still managed to survive. 2. Analyze what the author calls “the paradox” of the revolutionary era.
 The “Paradox” of the revolutionary era was a dilemma that can be viewed as “near-sighted” and “far-sighted”. These were the two different ways of justifying becoming an independent nation. The people who were more “far-sighted” could see the many possibilities the nation held in the future and let this influence their actions in attempt to create a completely independent and free nation. However, the “near-sighted” way was mostly arguing against the authority of Parliament; they were against centralized political powers ruling other areas from faraway places that weren’t under its immediate supervision. 3. Examine some of the criticisms of the Constitutional Convention. Some of the criticisms of the constitutional convention were that, firstly, the Convention went beyond its purpose, to revise the Articles of Confederation, and instead replaced it with an entirely new government. Secondly, that the sessions were held in complete secrecy. This is untrue

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