UK Government's Strategy to Imporve Workplace Proficiency Essay

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The United Kingdom provides training for workers to improve their skills enabling them to expand into the labour market. Buckley et al (2007) illustrate training as a ‘planned and systematic effort to modify… skills through learning… to achieve effective performance’. It is explained as ‘improving technical capabilities of workers and embedding them further into occupational community’ (Green et al, 2012). Gold et al (2010) further elucidates this by adding that training is ‘essentially skill orientated.’ The UK government have put forth new strategies aimed at developing the UK’s workforce proficiency (Stevens, 2013) for instance traineeship, apprenticeship, pre-job training and further education made vastly available for all. This essay …show more content…

Out of the 24 countries studied upon, UK plummets to 22nd place for numeric skills and 21st place for literature; holding top place is Netherlands (BBC, 2013).

The UK government has placed many strategies to help companies and individuals obtain skills and necessary work training such as the Action Plan 2012 (CIPD, 2012); this was a strategy to help people with necessary skills to join the job market and boost the economy. UK has also introduced Job Centre Plus (2002) which is a government executive agency working to aid individuals with employment providing training and skills and employers with obtaining desired employees.

However; having just come out of recession there is the argument of the capability of the government being able to fund all training for each individual (,). But the UK retains some of the best organisations and agencies to help build further training and skills. For instance the Department of Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) brings together all the levels of the economy including skills , higher education and trade (BIS,2012).Even though it is a UK department, much of the skills policy and funding is set at devolved nation level.

On the other hand UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is a non departmental civic body functioning as part of a societal corporation. They are there to provide strategic leadership on skills and employment issues (UKCES, 2012).Their mission is to “…raise skill levels…create better jobs

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