Case Study Of White Paper On Local Government

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4.2 White Paper on Local Government
According to the White Paper on Local Government, local authorities have the following responsibilities in terms of their obligation to economic development:

● Provide marketing and investment support in order to attract potential support to their locality.
● Small business support services should be providing to assist small entrepreneurs.
● To provide targeted assistance to a particular sector in the local economy that has to potential to expand.
● By supplementing and tailoring to local need, the services provided by the Department of Labour in supply of training and placement services. This is necessary towards the end of assisting people in acquiring skills and funding jobs.

4.3 The Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (2000) (Act 32 of 2000)

The Municipal System Act (No. 32 …show more content…

● Promote and undertake development in the municipality.
● Promote gender equity in the exercise of the municipality’s executive and legislative authority.
● Promote a safe and healthy environment in the municipality.
● Contribute, together with other organs of the state, to the progressive realisation of the fundamental rights contained in sections 24, 25, 26, 27 and 29 of the Constitution.

LED is one of the most strategic tools through which local municipalities adhere to its duties, as prescribed by the Municipal Structures Act. This fact becomes even more applicable, once a municipality’s LED strategy is functionally integrated with its Integrated Development Plan.

Section 26(c) of the Local Government: Municipal System Act further specifies that the Integrated Development Plan of the local municipality must contain its LED aims. This awards the municipal LED strategy legal status as part of the Integrated Development Planning process.


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