US vs Canada Healthcare Comparison

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U.S vs Canada: Healthcare Comparison After briefly learning about the different types of healthcare systems in other countries in Chapter one, the one that struck my curiosity the most was Canada. Being that they are our neighbors in the north and that their economy was not troubled much by the recent economical downturns around the world, I decided to compare its healthcare system to the one we have in the United States. During my research for this project I am hoping to find a correlation between the type of healthcare system that Canada has and the fact that their economy has been steadily growing for the past decade. The healthcare system in the United States is a system composed of many private insurance companies who act independently from one another. These companies make their money through premiums which are paid by the insured; therefore a major part of the healthcare system is privately funded. This type of market is considered to be an imperfect market because it does not meet the true requirements of a free market where there is unrestrained competition between providers. In our healthcare system there is an absence of a central agency to govern healthcare. There are multiple payers and third party insurers serving as intermediaries between financing and the delivery of healthcare. The United States has a multi-payer, heavily private system in which thousands of private insurance companies are responsible for paying some claims, while federal and state
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