Uber Sexual Harassment Case Study

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Problem 1 Sexual harassment is a problem that human resource managers are struggling to solve every day. Recently Uber has fired over 20 employees due to a sexual harassment investigation, which started in November 2016, it is uncommon for a company to release so many employees from one sexual harassment claim but that’s because the human resource department didn’t know how to solve this problem. (Solon, 2017). Uber isn’t the only company struggling to find ways to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can cause a loss of productivity, low morale, higher employee turnover and higher absenteeism and on top of that, it could cost a company, thousands to millions of dollars in court and procedural costs. (Handling…show more content…
One mistake that commonly happens when making these policies is that it can lean more towards women reporting then men; so when writing up a prevention policy make sure that it is gender neutral so that employees aren’t scared to report. (McDonald, Charlesworth, & Graham, 2014). Another feature that is important when making a prevention policy is to ensure that it is constantly visible and open to all employees and that upper management takes a role in modeling this good behavior. It is important to stick to this prevention policy for any incident that is reported whether it is within the upper management or lower level employees; remaining consistent will reassure employees that something will be done.
Prevention training is another helpful solution when dealing with sexual harassment complaints in an organization. Each organization should hold educational seminars that are mandatory for all employees; both upper and lower level employees; to ensure that everyone knows what to do if they see, hear, know or are a victim of sexual harassment. One major component of this training is to explain what sexual harassment is and what behaviors are considered sexual harassment. Most people have different definitions of what is considered sexual harassment so creating a universal definition within the organization will prevent any misunderstandings in the future. Another step that should be taken in
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