Training Evaluation : Providing Sexual Harassment

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Training Evaluation
Describing the training
The objective of providing sexual harassment training is to provide knowledge of what behaviors can be considered sexual harassment, prevention of such behavior, and consequences for violation of sexual harassment policy. This training is necessary to show employees they are a valued resource, and the company takes an interest in employee safety and satisfaction while maintaining productivity. The organization will annually provide an interactive training on the company intranet over a one month period. All employees will receive email notification they are signed up for training with required completion by month end. The first part of training will consist of reading the sexual harassment …show more content…

In this case, the trainees are expected to learn about sexual harassment – how to identify it, report it, avoid participating in it, and their protection against it. Once the training is complete, the learning objectives can be evaluated in a variety of ways, such as pre-and post-tests on the specific training materials.
Job Behavior-
The measures of process conduct avert to a point wherein personnel retained the statistics that is being portrayed and the attitudes due to the education. This estimation may be, yet isn 't truly, an influence of whether contributors genuinely took in the concern cloth. for instance, the frustration of behavioral trade can be because of one of a kind conditions, as an instance, individual 's hesitance to change. process behavior assessment consists of both pre-and put up-occasion estimation of the learner 's conduct.
Organization Results:
Based on the findings of the company TNA it was determined that there was a need for sexual harassment training of employees and supervisors. In the training on sexual harassment the areas covered were how to handle cases of sexual harassment, knowing if you were sexually harassed, and how to report harassment. Organizational results are the changes in key outcomes for the organization that can be linked to the training (Blanchard 2013). Training provided to employees

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