Uber Sexual Harassment Case Study

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Sexual harassment is a problem that human resource managers are struggling to solve every day. Recently Uber has fired over 20 employees due to a sexual harassment investigation which started in November 2016, it is uncommon for a company to release so many employees from one sexual harassment claim but that’s because the human resource management didn’t know how to solve this problem. Uber isn’t the only company struggling to find ways to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can cause a loss in productivity, low morale, higher employee turnover and higher absenteeism and on top of that it could cost a company thousands to millions of dollars in court and procedural costs. Uber had over a 100 incidents that became public after the investigation began; so how did these incidents go neglected? For Uber is a male-dominated company which created a hostile environment for the few female employees. Having a male-dominated organization can cause female employees not to report sexual harassment which then leads to a hostile environment and increased turnover within female employees in an organization.
There are a couple of ways to help prevent and respond to sexual harassment claims.
1. Prevention policies
2. Prevention training
3. Interventions
By having a prevention policy, it allows everyone in the organization to know about and have access to the policy at any given time. The biggest way a prevention policy can help is because it

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