Uk Riots 2011

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UK RIOTS 2011 Between the 6th and 11th of August 2011 thousands of people rioted in cities across England participating in looting, arson and vandalism. The rioting occurred after a peaceful demonstration on the 4th of August in Tottenham over the death of local 29-year-old father of four Mark Duggan who was a victim of a still-unresolved shooting by the police. 1. Text 1 “Experts Cite Underlying Causes for UK Riots” is a news report by Al Pessin published on Voice of America website the 10th of August 2011. The report consists of people giving an estimate of the causes for the UK riots. The inhabitants of London believe at first sight the riots are a response in reaction to lack of jobs and cuts in government services following a …show more content…

He doesn’t argue for these drafts of punishment and prevention. The form of appeal is mostly ethos and in a mild degree logos. 3. There are some conflicting elements, when discussing how society can prevent similar problems in the future. Cameron expresses in text 1 that he wishes better parenting. Parents have to set boundaries with the purpose of children knowing the difference between right and wrong. His promised harsher consequences involving a higher fixing of sentence and tougher police tactics will maybe have a frightening effect on young people, but will not change their minds, if they are determined to participate in riots. Prevention costs less than punishment and is both the most humanitarian and the only sensible solution. It can be very stressful being a teenager with a cut in youth service spending by the government and increasing expectations and demands by the society. We need to invest in young people to create a feeling of stability and hope. Through interventions young people will be motivated and open their eyes to new opportunities. The government can take inspiration from Denmark, where we demand that young people are occupied with either school or work. If a person doesn’t have a high enough average or miss subjects in order to attend the dream university, the student counsellor needs to get them going and make plans involving courses. Areas where immigrant families live e.g. ghettoes needs

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