Ukulele Research Paper

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The state instrument of Hawaii is the ukulele. It is traditional to the people of the state. Historically, the ukulele is a string instrument used for Hawaiian and folk songs. One famous song played on the ukulele is ¨Somewhere Over The Rainbow¨ by Israel Kamakawiwo. `who made the ukulele - Google Search.` who made the ukulele - Google Search.Google Search n.d. Web. 29 November 2015. The ukulele looks like a guitar but there are many differences, like their size and the amount of strings. Most ukuleles are two feet long. Every ukulele also has four strings with the keys of D, G, B, A, F, and E. The G on a ukulele is a pitch higher than the G on a guitar. The ukulele is made out of wood, nylon, steel, plastic, glue, and coatings to make it

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