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Ultrasound In the medical field, there is a wide variety of technology that has been discovered in order to assist the practitioners in treating the patients. In order to understand the human body, the medical practitioners often use technology. One of the frequently used technology is the ultrasound. Ultrasound uses sounds to produce images inside the body. Furthermore, the procedure is always painless and safe. This paper will discuss the general ultrasound imaging, the procedure, and preparation of carrying out the ultrasound, the benefits and the risks involved in using ultra sound. Imaging Ultrasound imaging is a very fast and safe procedure that involves hi-technology. Ultrasound imaging is also known as ultrasound scanning or sonography. As pointed by Fester and Lacefield (2015), an ultrasonic imaging requires an ultrasonic transducer. The procedure involves the use of a small transducer and an…show more content…
The medical practitioner applies the gel to the areas to be scanned then the transducer is lightly pressed on these areas. The transducer will send sound waves into the body and receive the echoing waves. Finally, the echo waves will be sent to a connected computer, which will eventually produce real time pictures of the body. Benefits and Risks The benefits of an ultrasound imaging outweigh the risks of this procedure. First, the process is noninvasive as there are no needles or injections involved. Second, Del Cura et al. (2012) point out that ultrasound is frequently considered due to its low cost and the absence of ionizing radiation. Third, ultrasound gives clear images of tiny tissues in the body that could not be visible in the X-rays. Lastly, ultrasound gives real time imaging and, thus, can be a guide on where to further examine either by other invasive procedures. Finally, there are no known risks of an ultrasound imaging. Limitation of Using
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