Unauthorized Immigration

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Currently, the problem of unauthorized immigration divides Congress along political party lines. Many politicians who are anti-immigrant and pro-immigrant seek for ways by which they can impact their political base. As research shows, politicians and anti-immigrant groups take advantage of the mass media in order to persuade their constituency. The media uses quantitative data analysis of the unauthorized population to create a “media spectacle,” by the portrayal of unauthorized immigrants as criminals (Correa-Cabrera 2012). This media spectacle serves to exploit the fears of many Americans who oppose legalization. As a result, many people feel encouraged to contact their local representatives to stand against the legalization of the unauthorized population.
Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965
First, it is important to present a historical context of unauthorized immigration to understand the current dilemma. In order to change discriminatory immigration policies, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was signed into law. After the 1965 act, immigration from Asia and Latin America increased dramatically. However, for Latin America countries, the legislation restricted the number of legal entries into the United States. Since the bill allowed for visas through family reunification, the number of immigrants from Latin American countries increased, thus exhausting the available visas. The result of these events created chain migration which caused unauthorized

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