Uncertainty As A Necessary Property Of The Universe

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Uncertainty as a Necessary Property of the Universe There is a value in being uncertain about certainty; the value is seen in stress reduction, both in science/professional life as well as in day-to-day mundane life. The value also exists in the perpetuation or the drive for innovation. The common knee-jerk reaction to a presentation of uncertainty is to hold fear or contempt, but after some more careful consideration, uncertainty appears to be very important in nature. There are even ways to capitalize, or exploit, uncertainty for benefit. In science or professional life, embracing uncertainty allows for loosened restrictions on modeling (not to be confused with gross negligence; not referring to introduced uncertainties), higher level induction via empirically determined boundary conditions, and boons in funding for research. The mathematical model only needs to apply to a specific set of conditions. As a scientist, you need not focus on a general model that accounts for all variables. Stresses involved when pressed for resources are then reduced because the focus can be deliberately placed on only the variables you are exploring, or validity of the model needs to be only with a specific set of conditions. The final model can yield nonsense acceptably when used outside the intended conditions. Additionally, boundary conditions can be identified leading to general evolution of systems. Sometimes boundary conditions lead you to the relative stabilities of sets of solutions
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