Understanding Culture And Its Impact On Patient And Family Centered Care

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Carrie Buchyns
February 10, 2017

Introduction Culture includes beliefs, values, habits, traditions, attitude and language shared by a same racial group living in a particular geographical area. It is dynamic and transferred from generation to generation (Kiefer, C., 2007). Every community has its own perception about their health, illness and treatment. The health care providers should understand these differences to avoid misinterpretation for providing …show more content…

As per Indian beliefs that suffering is a direct result of “karma “from past and present life. Latin American thinks that injectable medicines are more powerful than oral administration. Knowledge of all these cultural views of different ethnic group helps to build good therapeutic relationship and develop effective care plan (Adult mededucation, 2006). One of the stumbling block in providing care to the patient of different culture is language because there are so many people who are unable to speak primary language used in the health care setting. So, its health personnel responsibility to offer interpreter as per language of patient and family (ACOG, 2013). Cultural diversity give opportunity to health organizations for recruitment of health personnel from the different community which enhances understanding of different cultural background within the health care setting (Beach, M. C., & Saha, S, 2006).
Negative impact of culture on PFCC There is lack of patient centred care while providing cultural centred care because of complete emphasis is on traditional values of patient rather than on patient individual needs (Beach, M. C., & Saha, S, 2006). In African countries, there is dangerous custom of female genital circumcision to maintain female virginity before marriage. But it has many health effects in female like massive bleeding and shock during procedure. In later life, this may cause gynaecological

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