Understanding Culture As An Effective Tool

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Questioning on human qualities and aspects has always been a fascinating subject. I enjoy thinking 'why some people think in certain ways and what makes some people behave in particular ways? ' And the reasoning after is the most delightful period. As I moved to California, one of the most diverse places, understanding culture became an effective tool to sort out the differences. Learning about cultures has become the key to reveal truly exceptional qualities for human characters and interactions. Since everyone has different background cultures and unique discipline within families, each person is unique. Within these in mind, I can newly see the world and every person as how I define. It even applies to family members that I have known for my life. Before I consider about my parents ' backgrounds, I cognized my father as conventional Asian dad that who doesn 't talk much and my mother as the classical Asian type of mom. However, as I grow up, I discerned that my father is a typical engineer that who follows logics but has the lack of communication skills. Moreover, my mother is also a typical artist that just her emotions often overflows. And it was such an irony for me that those two who hardly understand each other have married and lived together so far. Therefore, my parents have been the best subject to see how two opposite people make harmony. For most of the time, they are in happy by fulfilling each other 's incompleteness. Some other times, they have conflicts

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