Understanding Deaf Not Everyone Wants To Be Fixed Summary

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Deaf Not deaf While reading the article, “understanding Deafness: Not Everyone Wants to Be `fixed`”, Allegra Ringo shine a light on a conflict with cochlear implants within the Deaf community that most hearing people such as myself were probably unaware of. After reading this article I feel a little upset that Alexander Graham Bell Association (AGB) is not telling parents of Deaf children what the Deaf community can really offer to Deaf children. Instead, they are just telling parents how much better off they can be if they can hear and that they could offer it with cochlear implants. I think that the Deaf community is over by parents with a child that is born Deaf or hard of hearing. My opinion is that people need to be taught about the Deaf community and that there is nothing wrong with being Deaf.…show more content…
I find this kind of scary that an organization for the Deaf and hard of hearing feel that hiring and speaking are the best options for a child to live a normal life without showing the parent the type of independent life their children can have in the Deaf Community. As Ruthie stated “Hearing parents may not understand how a Deaf child can lead a functional, fulfilling life.” I have to agree with his statement that majority of parents probably do not see a fulfilling unless their child gets a cochlear implant. Parents and the hiring need to be educated about the Deaf community and realize that there no problem with being
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