Understanding The Experience Of Dominican American Women Living With Late Stage Cancer

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Breast cancer is most common cancer among women. Any woman can get it despite not having family history of breast cancer. It is important to study cancer to fully capture the mystery that is cancer. The journal “Understanding the Experience of Dominican American Women Living With Late-Stage Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study” gives us a look inside what a cancer patient goes through.
This research was conducted to get an inside perspective of how Dominican woman live with late-stage cancer. It is one of the few studies to concentrate on Hispanic women. An illness such as cancer has a tremendous impact on a person. The researchers found six applicants than qualified for the study through an outpatient cancer outreach center in New York City. Their criteria were the following: 21 years and older; born in the US; spoke fluent English; diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer; receiving adjuvant therapy; and lived in New York City area.
This study asked the question, how Dominican women handle living with late-stage cancer. The researches at Columbia University School of Nursing used Giorgi’s existential phenomenological framework. This review looked at the participant’s narrative, beliefs, and overall view. They used the following five steps to conduct the research: hear the recordings of the individual narratives; locate common themes among their description; group themes together to find big picture; define the experience the women face; give a description and structured

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