Understanding The Genius Of This Project Is Not The Difficult Part For Me

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The project sounded straightforward enough, it was to pick a behavior and modify it. The instructions were clean, cold, and calculated, akin to the mood of my beloved behaviorists. Understanding the genius of this project was not the difficult part, I was eager to begin to test my ability at applying the knowledge of behavioral modification. The difficult part for me was finding the motivation to act on that understand. At the start I thought it would be a simple application of knowledge that would require some jumping through hoops and mental trickery to become interesting. However, that began to change with each pencil mark on my behavioral log indicating that I’ve picked at my lip once again. As these marks accumulated so did thoughts that fed my curiosity. Like why do I engage in behavior that are obviously harmful, why are behaviors so difficult to change once they become habit and why do the answers still evade me ever after studying them? Thinking back throughout my life and seeing this pattern of acting without really knowing why that fit perfectly into that present moment drove me to a state of near epiphany. That process created a driving need to get the most out of this project making it successful because it taught me rich lessons about human behavior, behavior modification and my ability of creating behavior treatment plans. All of which are highly useful areas of expertise that will, if mastered bring wealth beyond imagination. When creating my behavioral
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